Hello, all!!

I’m in a bit of a pinch as the lack of work from my job has rendered me penniless right now. I recently have received a lot more work in the last week, but I won’t be paid for another two weeks, and I’d like to enjoy my Halloween with a really close friend.

All I’m looking to achieve right now is $50, so that I can pay for gas to get down to Tampa and back, but any extra will definitely be appreciated and promptly used to pay November’s bills. 

If you would like to commission me, I ask that this time (and this time only) you pay me the money up front so that it can be processed through PayPal and into my bank when I leave on Thursday, October 31st. Your commission will be finished either before I leave or the week after, and will be finished based on “first come, first serve.”

As always, I will need a reference of the character you wish to have drawn, and Trainer pictures from the new X/Y games are completely acceptable! Please remember that you must have full rights to the character in order for me to draw them. If you want to purchase a gift commission, please talk it over with your recipient beforehand. Thank you!

Any questions? Feel free to contact me here through tumblr ask, or through my email ( raiyna_chan@hotmail.com ).

Further samples of my art can be found here on my art blog

Even if you can’t afford a commission, support and signal boosts are always welcome!

Thank you for taking the time to read this! ♥

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